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Building Innovation for Over 20 Years

Paul has been building innovation, strategy and talent operations for professional services for over 20 years. He has unified strategic outsets for entities seeking to proactively adapt to market changes and embrace and win the future.
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Since founding, Paul has become a voice of transformation and strategy in the legal profession. As an investor, innovation officer, CMO, recruiter and coach…Paul is one of the industry’s most prominent non-lawyers. Paul impacts the profession in various ways – most prominently in strategic advice and execution. His passion is coaching elite performers to be their best – in all aspects of their lives. He is a lifelong Ducatista – from Scramblers to Monsters and Diavels. He also runs ultra marathons in his spare time.

Consistently Overcoming
Challenging Tasks

"Aligning partners around a common vision for operations, innovation, technology, and talent is a challenging task that is difficult to do internally. Paul knows how to bring the very best options to the table, and work with internal and external partners to gain a common vision… and then execute against it.“

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